A Change of Direction

I think this blog is rather too young to really “reinvent” itself.  Because of its relative youth I think it is still in that angsty phase where it is “finding” itself.  Moreover, since this blog is not, in fact, sentient, I bear responsibility for that process of discovery, and I think I am about to take a decisive step toward that end.

The Problem(s):

This blog lacks a clear direction or unifying theme. This is not necessarily a bad thing.  If the blogosphere were to be purged of all blogs that lacked internal cohesion, there would be very few left.  Nevertheless, I’m not aiming to add just another amorphous scrap to the ever-increasing heap.


The Latent Sub-title. I knew the text “So Crazy it Just Might Work” meant something, but so far the blog has not exactly lived up to its subtitle (although it has, if only by virtue of tautology, lived up to its title).  The truth is, I have lots of crazy, potentially actionable ideas.

Social Enterprise. There is a growing cadre of entrepreneurial minds who want to use innovation and creative problem-solving not just to make money but to address various social problems.  A lot of my crazier ideas tend to fall in with this lot.  So even if this blog somehow produces a great idea and someone steals it,some good will still come from that intellectual theft.

You, my dear readers. I”m hoping that there can truly be some exchange of ideas in the comments section.  Specifically, I hope for insight and refinement from those who bring different disciplines and perspectives to bear.

The Idea(s):

While I will still occasionally share my thoughts on the pressing issues of the day, I will focus more on proposing ideas that are, as far as I know, original and that, if they could somehow work, would make people’s lives better.  If this doesn’t make sense yet, hopefully the next post will demonstrate what I have in mind…

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